Near Future of Tech and Energy

There will be a new trend in tech and energy soon.

Soon you might not need an expensive, powerful computer to do what you need. Meanwhile, the clean energy trend makes energy sources more decentralized. Let’s discuss the cause and opportunities that will arise with the trends.

As the demand for video editing, 3D rendering, Triple-A gaming, or machine learning training requires sophisticated hardware, the hardware price, especially GPU, increases. The increase is caused by an imbalance in supply and demand. The supply is limited while the demand is increased as crypto mining becomes more popular. The price is increased between 30 percent to almost tripled; it even became a meme on the internet.

As the price is steadily going down, the crisis won’t end soon. Then there’s a solution where you don’t need to buy the hardware yet can use the hardware. The solution is cloud computing. The concept is you rent a “space” in a particular server. The server is totally high-specs, and it could serve several users at a time. So basically, this is like an advanced team viewer. You could play games or using it in any way you want as long as you have a fast internet connection. This business model is centralized, and as the 5G rise, it will be more prevalent in the near future.

Meanwhile, the clean energy trend makes the power generator became more decentralized. Currently, power generators are centralized. A single big power generator serves several cities particular regions. With the solar panel and battery price getting cheaper, we will soon move from one massive generator to a small decentralized generator. You can already see this in several EV charging stations, such as Fastned in the Netherlands.

The company has its own solar panel and battery to supply charges for the EV. If the trends are increasing steadily, you will see this kind of company around the world.

The cause for the trend is absolutely lying on the gaming culture and clean energy movement. As the world has been being locked down for the past year, people are starting to gaming more. Meanwhile, the clean energy movement has been existing as the means to face global warming. This means gaming demand has the risk of not increasing when the pandemic is over, as people will go out more rather than staying at home. Meanwhile, decentralized clean generators will increase as the people need more energy, especially in developing countries.

When it comes to investment, you have to consider the risks. The risk of investing in the gaming industry might be stagnated at the end of the pandemic. However, if the 5G networks are ubiquitous soon, this might be worth investing in. Meanwhile, it is true that clean energy is getting popular but depends on your place. You might need to consider how the government is treating this trend. If they fully supported it, investing or creating business related to clean energy, such as creating a charging point, might be worth it.



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