Indonesian Customer Complain about Expensive Gojek Fee

Gojek entered the market with a bang. Promotions and discounts have been the norm for them for the past several years. However, as we entered the mid of 2022, many customers complained as they increased their fees for their service. Is this the period where they start to take profits?

In 2015, Gojek, with e-commerce firm Tokopedia, joined forces into a single group called Goto. Several years later, in March 2022, the company was listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange. From this point, Goto is no longer a startup. When they were a startup, they focused on market capitalization. They basically tried to have as many users as possible. They were successful in taking the market cap. Goto had 32 billion USD on the IPO day, and 300,000 investors participated. This is a new record for a domestic company.

However, the IPO also serves as a pivot point. They are no longer focused on market cap. Their focus now as a stock market indexed company is profit and performance. In my opinion, this is why Gojek, as a part of Goto, increase their fee.

Extra fee charged through the app


I just got a customer that was surprised why the fee is so expensive now. For short-range, he had to pay Rp 14 thousand.

He was more surprised when I told him that the driver only got Rp 9,6 thousand.

Some people start not to use the app anymore except …


I started a new habit of going earlier than usual, using Transjakarta or MRT. I began to walk personally to buy food because Gofood (Gojek food service) fee can increase 2x. I just use it when I am in a pinch. I am not using it routinely anymore because it will make me broke.

Goto knew many of their users were dependent on their service. When you pass a school in early in the morning or in the afternoon, you will see many ride-hailing partners waiting for clients in front of the school. This proves that everyone is dependent on the convenient service Gojek provides. This type of customer is willing to pay even though they increase their fee.

Goto is going through a transition period right now. They have changed their game because they know many users are dependent on their service nowadays. So next time you visit Indonesia, make sure you have some extra budget if you plan to use their services.



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